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french canadian

The French Canadian connection to South Florida, home of The French Link, is established!  The French Link is well versed in Quebecois, in addition to the nuances of French Canadian idiomatic expression.  According to estimates appearing in  Hollywood based Le Soleil de la Floride newspaper 150,000 French Canadians live year round in North Dade, Broward and South Palm Beach Counties and tens of thousands more “snowbirds” visit during the winter. They will pour almost $1billion into the local economy. The Government of Canada 2011 official trade statistics  indicate that the US. is Canada’s largest trading partner.  Specifically exports to the US amounted to $330.1 billion or 73.7% of the total. Imports from the US were $220.9 billion or 49.5% of the total, a significant proportion coming from Quebec. Attorneys, accountants, exporters, importers, international business executives, as well as local businessmen, tourists and temporary residents benefit from The French Link’s professional translation and interpretation services.