Interpretation Services (Verbal)


  • Consecutive interpretation during trials, arraignments, rulings in judges’ chambers, depositions and all court  hearings/ proceedings depositions
  • Attorney’s offices – depositions, arbitrations, mediations
  • Personal injury victim statement
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Immigration issues


  • Expert French Interpreter for Personal Injury Claims
  • Assist agents & investigators interview parties involved in claims
  • Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) or on site interviews


  • Medical Appointments: A specially trained medical interpreter, versed in medical terminology  accompanies the French speaker (special programs for French Canadian visitors and Florida snowbirds) to doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, optometrist, audiologists, psychiatrists, surgical evaluation or any medical provider.
  • Assists patients to communicate with doctors, nurses, social workers, and other medical staff in any medical setting (private practice, hospital, clinic, etc.).
  • Outpatients, Inpatients, ER
  • Medical reimbursement requests Interpretation for depositions, medical records, expert testimony in legal proceedings, medical information for insurance companies

Business, Employee, Individual Meetings

Conventions, Conferences

Telephone Conferences

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